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“Yeah… I’m going to need those TPS reports… ASAP. So, if you could do that, that would be great.”

My previous blog post on using essential oils in the office generated a lot of cool responses. It seems like folks are interested in this idea but want more ideas on what specific essential oils to use.

A few years back a study of 4,000 office workers was funded by the Health Promotion Research Trust. Surprisingly 80% of those surveyed reported feeling unwell as a result of working in a particular office.  The most common complaints were 1) lethargy, 2) stuffy nose, 3) dry throat, 4) dry and itchy eyes, 5) headaches.

If you relate to any of the above maybe it’s time to start bring some essential oils to work. Here’s what we recommend:

Lethargy –Grapefruit or Eucalyptus & Lemongrass Stuffy Nose — Tea Tree or Rosemary Dry Throat — Grapefruit or Lemongrass Dry & Itchy Eyes — Tea Tree Headaches — Lavender

Of course, in all cases you want to use some sort of diffuser so that you’re breathing the aromatics in small amounts while you go about your business. That’s why we carry the USB-powered diffuser that plugs into you laptop on your desk. Of course you can create your own diffuser with cotton balls in a small dish but that doesn’t have any flair.

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USB powered aromatherapy device diffuses essential oils

Breathing the aroma of essential oils can be great for health and well being.  Some essential oils are mood enhancers. Others stimulate mental clarity and focus. Some are especially valuable during the winter months because they can help your immune system ward off the bacteria and viruses that can make you sick.

Two very important places to use essential oils is at work and in the car. However, it needs to be super convenient, portable, and low key (so it doesn’t impact those around you).

A great solution is the USB powered Scent Flower available at New Harmony Soap Company for $5.99. Simply place a few drops of your favorite EO onto the pad in the center of the flower and plug into a USB port on your laptop at work or a USB adaptor in your car. A micro amount of electricity is drawn by the scent flower to power a small heating element that activates and help diffuse the essential oil for hours. It’s the perfect solution for personal aromatherapy.

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Essential Oils have been around for millennia but never have they been more popular than in 2016.

At New Harmony Soap Company we use lots of essential oils to scent our natural skin nutrition products which means we buy in large quantities to get maximum price discounts from our trusted suppliers. This means we can offer some of the more popular and valuable essential oils for substantially less than what you might otherwise pay.

Routinely we are asked how to best use essential oils at home. The ways are numerous but here are six of the more popular uses for essential oils at home:

Jacuzzis and Hot Tubs. Use 6 – 8 drops of your favorite essential oil in your tub and fire up the jets! Our personal favorite for this application: Eucalyptus and Grapefruit. Wet Compress. Heat up some distilled water and add a few drops of EO. Then immerse a clean cloth, squeeze out the excess, and place over face until cloth becomes cool. Our personal faves for this application: Lavender after a long day; Robber’s Gold when feeling like a cold or flu is coming on. Room Deodorizer. Fill an empty spray bottle with distilled water then add 10 drops of your favorite EO. Shake before each use. Our personal favorite: Lemongrass. Cleaning. Add EO to water or white vinegar to make a very effective cleaner for countertops, glass, bath fixtures, tile floors and laundry. If you’re looking for an EO with serious antiviral, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties look no further than Tea Tree Oil. It’s the bomb! Toilet Paper Roll. Before installing a new roll of toilet paper, place a few drops of Essential Oil inside the paper tube. Each time you pull the roll your nose will be given a treat. Rosemary is great for this application. Sleeping. Place a drop of EO on the collar of your pajamas or bathrobe when getting ready for bed. The aroma will help your mind relax.  Of course, Lavender is famous for promoting relaxation. For an alternative try Robber’s Gold. Peppermint and/or Eucalyptus if you have a head cold.

How do you use essential oils in your home? Please let us know so we can share.

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