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All natural probiotic rosacea lotion

Probiotic Lotion Provides Natural Rosacea Relief

Each year dermatologists see about 3 million cases of rosacea, a chronic condition mostly affecting middle age women with fair skin. Common symptoms are facial redness with swollen red bumps and small visible blood vessels.

One of the most common questions we hear at New Harmony Soap Company is “what do you have to help rosacea?” The answer is our all-natural Probiotic Lotion.

Just as they are said to calm stomach inflammation, probiotics have a calming effect on skin redness and irritation like stubborn acne and rosacea flare-ups. Probiotics send signals that stop your skin cells from reacting to bad bacteria, reactions that cause, you guessed it, acne and rosacea, the American Academy of Dermatology reported in 2014.

Probiotics in topical products like our all-natural lotion can also act as a protective shield for your skin’s surface, keeping your skin healthy and putting a halt to future breakouts, the early research shows.

“When you apply a probiotic directly it can actually act as a barrier because it’s competing with the bad bacteria from taking hold,” says Whitney P. Bowe, a board-certified dermatologist and clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York.

“The skin is the largest organ in the body and when it’s compromised, then moisture can get out and bad bacteria can get in,” Bowe says. “Probiotics can help keep the bad bacteria out and the good in.”

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Turn Back the Clock with All Natural Body Soak

Have you ever seen a 50 year old woman who looks like she’s 30ish? If so, you’ve seen a woman who has consistently maintained the moisture level of her skin at an optimal level.

Hydration is absolutely essential to healthy skin and age-defying beauty. Most folks – even those that use lotion daily – have skin that is not fully hydrated. When your skin is fully hydrated it will look plump and glow. And of course wrinkles will be less noticeable. Dry skin looks old. Hydrated skin looks young.

A 20-minute weekly soak in a tub of lukewarm (not hot) water enriched with our Dead Sea Salt Whole Body Soak can do more to re-hydrate your skin than anything else you can do. Our all-natural Soaks feature natural white crystals harvested from the southern Dead Sea in Israel, where the concentration of minerals is the highest and the power to re-hydrate is greatest. We further enhance the Salt with full-spectrum Vitamin E and essential oils.

The waters of the Dead Sea are very distinct, having a total salt concentration that is ten times higher than ocean water, reaching 33% versus 3%. The one of a kind composition of this special sea’s brine is uniquely comprised of magnesium, potassium and calcium chloride. Additionally, the Dead Sea has a high concentration of bromides, which all contribute to the renowned healing properties. With a sodium content of less than 12%, it is gentle on the skin. Its natural skin softeners and muscle relaxing properties make this salt truly exceptional.

How Much to Use: On a weekly basis add approximately 1-2 cups of salt into a standard-size bathtub and soak for 20 minutes. For a deep therapy bath, use 2-4 cups and soak for as long as comfortable. Lukewarm water maximizes hydration and absorption of nutrients.

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Protecting Your Baby from the Zika Virus

[Update as of 2/4/2016: A Wall Street Journal article published on 2/2/16 has been brought to my attention. Its states, “the link between Zika and microcephaly hasn’t yet been scientifically proven, and many leading medical experts say it probably will take another six months of testing before such a link, if it exists, can be definitively confirmed. But a consensus is forming within the international medical community that there is a high probability of such a link.” Please take this into consideration as you read the following blog post.] ******************** Today Reuters reported the first known case of Zika Virus transmission in the United States. It seems like only weeks ago we started hearing about this threat in Brazil and now it is already appearing in our country. For the foreseeable future it will be vital that every woman who is expecting or who may one day want to be pregnant take consistent precautions to minimize any chance of a mosquito bite.

Use of an effective mosquito repellent  is the first and best line of defense for expecting Mom’s, breastfeeding Mom’s, and women who may one day become a Mom. Unfortunately most commercial mosquito repellants rely on DEET (N,N-ethyl-m-toluamide). Its use is advocated by the World Health Organization and other organizations such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention as the most effective and well-studied repellant on the market.

However, women should also consider all effectiveness and safety factors when selecting a mosquito repellant. offer a fact sheet on DEET that states “there have been reports of significant effects to the central nervous system among individuals who are sensitive to DEET (especially small children) or have been overexposed to DEET.” This is a HUGE concern when you consider that up to 10% of the DEET you spray on your body will be absorbed by the skin and enter your bloodstream. Once its in your blood it’s in your baby’s blood.

If you are an expecting mother or may one day be expecting I encourage you to consider using 4-Way Mosquito & Tick B-Gone. This all natural repellant uses a blend of three essential oils (Lemon Eucalyptus, Palmarosa, and Corn Mint) plus a potent botanical extract (Catnip) to deliver excellent protection.

The Lemon Eucalyptus delivers the highest concentration of Citronellol and Citronellal which the United States Environmental Protection Agency considers as a biopesticide with a non-toxic mode of action that repels mosquitoes, black flies, fleas, and ticks.

The Palmarosa contains the highest percentage of Geraniol, a naturally occurring, non-toxic chemical that was identified by researchers at the University of Florida  as the single most effective natural mosquito repellent after 17 years of testing more than 4,000 compounds.

Catnip is a plant that researchers at Iowa State University found  to be 10-Times more effective than DEET thanks to a compound in Catnip called nepetalactone.

The Zika Virus is seriously scary and will be for a long time (the WHO estimates 4 million people will be in fected across the Americas). Applying a repellent every single day – sometimes multiple times per day – for months at a time requires thoughtful weighing of risks and benefits. When it comes to women in my life I’m steering them away from DEET. Nature produces several effective repellants and that is the smarter, safer way to go.

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