Together We’re Building Something Special

New Harmony Soap Company began in 2012 as the smallest of small businesses but with a driving ambition to help our small community grow and to help our customers enjoy healthier lives. We’re happy to report that — thanks to you — we are still growing strong. Earlier this month we opened a 2nd retail[More…]

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Cure Dry Winter Skin with Natural Skin Nutrition

Winter time can bring dry, cracked, itchy skin. Customers have been asking us what to do for their dry winter skin. Here are our soap maker Angel’s top three favorite products to treat and moisturize. Colloidal Oatmeal Body Bar – smoothes and moisturizes skin! Probiotic Lotion – 50% aloe vera juice, 30% avocado oil +[More…]

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Get Your Day Percolating with Coffee Soap

There are few aromas in the world more comforting and inspiring than Coffee. So when we finally found a source of all-natural essential oil cold-pressed from Brazilian coffee seeds we knew exactly what we had to do. Voila! We give you Good Morning! Coffee Soap. This moisturizing body soap is made with organic Coconut, Sunflower[More…]

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All natural probiotic rosacea lotion

Probiotic Lotion Provides Natural Rosacea Relief

Each year dermatologists see about 3 million cases of rosacea, a chronic condition mostly affecting middle age women with fair skin. Common symptoms are facial redness with swollen red bumps and small visible blood vessels. One of the most common questions we hear at New Harmony Soap Company is “what do you have to help rosacea?”[More…]

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3 Reasons to Have Eucalyptus in Your Life

At New Harmony Soap Company we hold Eucalyptus in very high regard. And, we have used, sampled, and tested just about every Eucalyptus essential oil you can think of to find the absolute best one. Our search has brought us to an organic, steam-distilled essential oil from a species called Eucalyptus Polybractea, a small trunk[More…]

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Photo of a no-see-um, buffalo gnat, or midge

All-Natural Protection from No-See-Ums, Midges, Buffalo Gnats & Turkey Gnats

Around Sanibel Island, Florida they’re called No-See-Ums. In other parts of the South they’re called Midges. In the Midwest we call them Buffalo Gnats. The gnasty creatures are super small but terribly annoying – and their bites are fierce, producing redness and swelling that can last for days. Field Tested for 3 Years and Proven[More…]

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Selecting a Natural Face Toner for Mature Skin

As you mature your skin changes. And for many the face is where this change is most noticeable. Years of sun, stress, makeup, and the application of unhealthy skin care products can leave your complexion looking dull, tired, and prematurely aged. Thankfully we’ve found that mature skin can be beautifully resuscitated with an all-natural daily[More…]

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