Essential Oil Ultrasonic Cool Mist Diffuser



We’ve kicked the tires on a lot of essential oil diffusers to find one that delivers quality, performance and value for our customers. After all the smoke cleared (LOL) we settled on the Dragon Egg! It looks great, holds a generous amount of water, and is whisper quiet.  It only take 3 – 5 drops of essential oil to give you hours of aromatherapy. Perfect for bedrooms, offices, dorm rooms, yoga spaces, sun rooms, even hospital and nursing home rooms. Could be your new best friend during winter months and cold & flu season.

  • Holds 200 ml of water and lasts up to 7 hours.
  • 7 color lighting options: A nightlight that every kid loves, a mood light for a romantic night.
  • Serves as essential oil diffuser and a room humidifier
  • Whisper quiet operation: Ensures you peaceful sleep without waking you up with water bubbling sound.
  • Mist: High/Low mist modes
  • Timer: 1/ 3/ 6 hours or continuous
  • Automatically shuts off when empty
  • Coverage Areas: up to 200 sq. ft.