Goat Milk & Dark Lager Beer Soap



DrunkenGoatSoapWhen the first German settlers arrived in 1814 on the spot now known as New Harmony they brought with them a recipe for Dark Lager beer. A few years ago a piece of paper with the recipe written in old German was discovered and shortly after the beer started brewing again. Today it is only available for drinking at Sara’s Harmony Way Bistro and it’s available for bathing and showering at the New Harmony Soap Company.

This premium bar of natural soap is made with fresh, locally farmed goat milk and generous amounts of Sara’s Harmonist Dark Lager Beer. A special blend of essential oils complements the nutty, caramel notes from the beer. And just for good measure each bar of soap is topped with a sprinkling of locally grown hops.

Net Weight: 5 OZ


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Our Goat Milk & Dark Lager Beer Soap Contains: Saponified Coconut, Sunflower and Palm Oils, Saponfied Shea Butter, Whole Goat Milk, Harmonist Dark Lager Beer, Stearic Acid Essential Oils, and locally-grown hops.