HOPE Essential Oil Blend



Formulated by New Harmony Soap Company to help us all remain hopeful during times of discouragement.

A special aromatic essential oil blend of Organic Eucalyptus, Virginia Cedar, and Spearmint to stimulate a sense of hopefulness and spiritual security. Supports the 5th – or Throat – Chakra known as Vishuddha. Especially useful during time of prayer or meditation but can be used through the day to re-balance your thoughts and emotions.

What Does it Smell Like? This blend creates a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. When our staff breathes the HOPE aroma here are the descriptions they offered: Down-to-earth, Grounding, Warm & Fuzzy, Big Hugs, Calming.

Use with a diffuser or blend with a bit of carrier oil (avocado, grape seed, etc.) and apply to upper neck and under chin.

1 OZ bottle of 100% pure essential oils.


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