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Folks are often intrigued with the chocolate brown color of our French Green Clay Face Bar Soap. If it’s full of Green Clay why is the soap so-o-o-o brown? The answer… Green Tea Extract. I know it sounds like a gag but green tea extract makes our Face Soap a beautiful chocolate brown.

I can’t fully explain the color transformation but I can explain why Green Tea Extract is so good for your complexion. First, it’s a great source of Vitamin C and E — both are excellent antioxidants. But Green Tea is loaded with an even more potent antioxidant, Catechin Polyphenols, a disease-fighting flavonoid that detoxify cell-damaging free radicals. In skin care, Green Tea Extract is an all-natural way to repair the effects of aging and environmental damage — like over exposure to the sun, wind, and pollution.

Next time you wash your face after working out at the gym or start removing your make-up with an expensive bottle of dubious chemicals, THINK GREEN or BROWN and pick up a New Harmony Soap Green Clay Face Bar. You’ll be on your way to healthier and naturally beautiful complexion.

Why Our Green Clay Face Soap is Brown was last modified: November 12th, 2014 by Jim Spann