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We live in a world where bigger is believed to be better. In corporate America companies gobble up their competitors and promise the customer will benefit from the “synergies” of consolidation. Synergy is code for headcount reduction (job loss) and other expense-reducing measures. The newfound profit usually gets shared between shareholders and executives. But what about the customer? Yea-a-h-h… about that. Let’s look at a few examples.

In 2000 the Unilever behemoth acquired Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Did the customer benefit? Did the synergies lower the cost of a pint? Nope. Did the synergies improve the quality of ingredients? Hardly. So, surely, with the automation and technology available within the world’s third largest consumer goods conglomerate, the customer must have been given a wider selection of ice cream options. In reality, the options have been reduced considerably. Customer favorites like Wavy Gravy were terminated because they were not profitable enough.

Remember Burt’s Bees? It was once a company with deeply loyal customers. Now it is a “brand” within the Clorox Company. How about Tom’s of Maine? Consumed by Colgate-Palmolive, it is no longer a company belonging to people with a deep connection to their customer. If Burt’s Bees and Tom’s of Maine disappeared tomorrow neither Unilever nor Colgate-Palmolive would feel more than a moment of loss.

In all three examples, the customer is the loser. What we’ve discovered is that everytime a new layer of separation is added between the maker of a product and the buyer of the product, value is diminished, i.e. the customer gets less for their dollar.

New Harmony Soap Company is dedicated to our customers. While our business goal is to grow we believe the only way to be successful is by staying close to the customer. This is our definition of “better”. I have more to say but I’ll save it for a future blog post.

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Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural plant oils and botanical materials to enhance psychological and physical well-being. It’s amazing how our nose feeds our brain with catalysts that are transformed into very specific messages sent to other parts of our body to spur improvements in our mood and even our physical condition. It’s not voodoo… our brains are wired so that smell, sound, sight, and touch impact our inner balance.

When most people think of aromatherapy they imagine it being an event like at a day spa. This then leads them to thinking about the time and money it takes for such an experience. For most the next step is to brush the whole idea aside as being impractical.

At New Harmony Soap Company we integrate aromatherapy into your lifestyle and into your day. Start your morning with a Skin Nutrition Body Bar in the shower and you’ll have an instant aromatherapy session. Follow that up with our After Shower Nutrition Mist or Everyday All Over Lotion and the aromatherapy will continue as you drive to work, clean the house, or go shopping.

Each day before I walk to work I spritz my face with our Aftershave for Men. As I walk, I breathe in fresh, crisp air along with the aromas of Virginia Cedar, Eucalyptus, and Clove. These plant oils energize me, help me focus, and clarify my thoughts. During winter months they also help me deal with nasal congestion and a compromised upper respiratory system.

We encourage you to make aromatherapy part of your lifestyle. The soaps and body care products at New Harmony Soap Company are affordable, practical, and effective for this purpose (and many others that we’ll discuss in future articles).

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