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Photo of a no-see-um, buffalo gnat, or midge

Around Sanibel Island, Florida they’re called No-See-Ums. In other parts of the South they’re called Midges. In the Midwest we call them Buffalo Gnats. The gnasty creatures are super small but terribly annoying – and their bites are fierce, producing redness and swelling that can last for days.

Field Tested for 3 Years and Proven Effective by Thousands of Loyal Customers Our Natural 8-Hour Gnat-B-Gone formulation has been field tested in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Illinois, Iowa, and of course Indiana. Proven to be both safe and effective against Biting Gnats, No-See-Ums and Midges for up to 8 hours. We use the purest Witch Hazel distillate and highly concentrated forms of vanillin taken from multiple sources. It’s all-natural. It smells wonderful. And works like a charm!

Apply 8-Hour Gnat-B-Gone before going to the beach, golf course, fishing, or ball park to give the gnats and no-see-ums a cold shoulder. Enjoy hours of protection with just one application. And don’t forget to take along 8-Hour Gnat-B-Gone when dining alfresco whether on your patio or at a restaurant. There’s nothing worse than swatting biting flies while trying to enjoy a nice meal.

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For many folks Spring Break is a chance to thaw on the beach after a long winter freeze. Of course, it’s also a time for our skin to be thrown into shock by overexposure to the great ball of light. If you’re of European descent like me, in 60 minutes I go from bright white to lobster red.

Obviously, the most important thing you can do this Spring Break is to use an effective and natural Sunscreen product like those made by our friends at Real Purity.

But avoiding sunburn is just the first step to maintaining healthy skin during Spring Break. The sun and the wind dehydrate and irritate your skin even when using sunscreen. That’s why you want to have a bottle of New Harmony Soap’s After Sun Relief made from organic aloe juice infused with skin calming, anti-inflammatory botanicals. Of course it is also delivers natural humectants and probiotics to deeply moisturize the outer you.

After Sun Relief contains the following ingredients: organic aloe juice, witch hazel distillate,  green tea extract, calendula flower extract, cucumber peel extract, glycerin, sodium lactate, lavender essence, full-spectrum Vitamin E.

Our Aloe juice is a truly premium quality, produced using a patented method for maximizing the total polysaccharides content which are proven to stimulate cellular activity, i.e. help your body generate new skin cells.

The cucumber peel is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes essential for strong cell growth and repair while the green tea extract provides Catechin – Polyphenol that help repair the effects of aging and environmental factors. Calendula is a popular homeopathic wound healer that has soothing and skin softening properties.

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Have you ever seen a 50 year old woman who looks like she’s 30ish? If so, you’ve seen a woman who has consistently maintained the moisture level of her skin at an optimal level.

Hydration is absolutely essential to healthy skin and age-defying beauty. Most folks – even those that use lotion daily – have skin that is not fully hydrated. When your skin is fully hydrated it will look plump and glow. And of course wrinkles will be less noticeable. Dry skin looks old. Hydrated skin looks young.

A 20-minute weekly soak in a tub of lukewarm (not hot) water enriched with our Dead Sea Salt Whole Body Soak can do more to re-hydrate your skin than anything else you can do. Our all-natural Soaks feature natural white crystals harvested from the southern Dead Sea in Israel, where the concentration of minerals is the highest and the power to re-hydrate is greatest. We further enhance the Salt with full-spectrum Vitamin E and essential oils.

The waters of the Dead Sea are very distinct, having a total salt concentration that is ten times higher than ocean water, reaching 33% versus 3%. The one of a kind composition of this special sea’s brine is uniquely comprised of magnesium, potassium and calcium chloride. Additionally, the Dead Sea has a high concentration of bromides, which all contribute to the renowned healing properties. With a sodium content of less than 12%, it is gentle on the skin. Its natural skin softeners and muscle relaxing properties make this salt truly exceptional.

How Much to Use: On a weekly basis add approximately 1-2 cups of salt into a standard-size bathtub and soak for 20 minutes. For a deep therapy bath, use 2-4 cups and soak for as long as comfortable. Lukewarm water maximizes hydration and absorption of nutrients.

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